Jamal Hamidi – Principal Photographer

Jamal Hamidi is the founder of Frozenlite.Com, initially using it as a platform to showcase his works to the world. As time goes by, he partnered with his friend, another talented photographer, Nur Ismail Mohammed to form Frozenlite Ventures to provide photography and video services. On the world wide web, he uses “vedd edd” as his online monicker. He specializes in urban and nature scape photography, with special interest in city skyline, architectures, urban decays and interiors. He has perfected his techniques in HDR and digital blending to give a sense a realism and surrealism to his images.

Nur Ismail Mohammed – Principal Photographer

Nur Ismail is an architect by training and is currently attached to one of the leading property developers in Malaysia. Picked up photography back in 2010, he began to take photography lessons in 2012 from the experts in the field and hasn’t turned back since. His strong passion in photography, particularly in architectural and cityscape photography, both using single exposure photography technique as well as high dynamic range (HDR) imaging, has enabled him to capture some of the brilliant cityscape of Kuala Lumpur. He is now partnering with his mentor, Vedd, to take his photography to greater heights.